Back pocket

Punk Royale Café

Punk Royale Café

Punk Royale Café, our very dear back pocket, which is located next to Punk Royale.

Here you will experience “Controlled chaos” à la Punk!
During a visit to the Café, a luxurious menu is served with more dishes than you have fingers on your hands.

Knife and fork are rarely used. At the Café, the food is prepared with the same ingredients as at Punk Royale: langoustine, foie gras, lobster, caviar, truffles to name a few.

The Café is like a classic “other child”, a little messier, a little more intense and impulsive. The dinner session lasts about 1.5 hours so wash your hands, bring your smile and arrive on time. Hold on tight and let’s gooo!!!!


Price for the menu SEK 500 / person on weekdays and 800 SEK / person during the weekend.

Drinks are ordered separately according to preference.

We also have a bar for happy spontaneous guests.


All bookings are made online, please click here.
Tables are automatically released one month in advance.

For large groups or special requests, please send an email to


Upon reservation, the following rules apply:

You must confirm your reservation within 12hrs after making it. If you do NOT confirm your reservation within this time frame, your reservation will be cancelled automatically by our booking system.

To confirm your reservation, please submit your credit card details by clicking the link in the email you will receive upon making your reservation to open the payment page. Enter your credit card details.

Punk Royale will not charge anything to your credit card, only check that your credit card is valid.

Please be advised that the person who makes the reservation is accountable for the entire group of guests.

Confirmed reservation:

Your reservation is valid for the stated number of guests on the reservation.

Cancellations or adjustments of the number of guests, haveto be made no later than 48hrs before the visit or a charge is applicable as follows:

  • In the event of a cancellation later than 48hrs prior to your reserved date, Punk Royale Café reserves the right to charge the amount of 500 SEK per guest.
  • In the event of a no-show, Punk Royale Café reserves the right to charge the amount of 500 SEK per guest who is absent at the visit.
  • In the event of a reduction of the number of guests less than 48 hrs prior to the visit, Punk Royale Café reserves the right to charge the amount of 500 SEK per guest.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – Cafémeny
500 SEK

Friday and Saturday – Cafémeny
800 SEK

Dietary requirements and allergies

Punk Royale are unable to accept those who have the following allergies and dietary restrictions:

  • Milk protein allergy.
  • Lactose allergy (however, we do offer lactose tablets).
  • Egg allergy.
  • Vegans.

Punk Royale Café can accommodate the following diet requirements:

  • Gluten allergy – OK
  • Nut allergies – accommodated. NOTE! Traces of nuts in our restaurant.
  • No meat – OK. Inform us whether you eat fish/seafood or prefer vegetarian.

ALL diet requirements and/or allegiers need to be reported at least 48 hrs before your visit, by email to: